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May 18, 2013
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Craft Foam Boot Cap Tutorial by Nogojo Craft Foam Boot Cap Tutorial by Nogojo
I would like to apologize about the low quality of some of the pictures. I used my cellphone to snap them and it was a hit and miss on getting a decent picture.

I put it together after someone had approached me about the boot caps for my Xerxes Break Coplay. After several notes back and forth they suggested I make a tutorial, and I thought why not. I mean, I might not be the only one out there who needs this kind of tutorial and I know there isn’t one. This is the first time I make something like this so I hope it’s easy to follow and the directions make sense.
I was able to piece together how to make the boot caps after doing research and reading several wonderful tutorials and insightful threads online. I included a few of the ones that I have found particularly helpful for all and any craft foam armor construction. I highly recommend you check them out if you haven’t.…………

The surface of the boot caps is not as hard as I was hoping, seeing as there is some give if I push it with my finger. So I would not suggest you run around haphazardly in them if you intend to wear them more than once. Next t I’ll test a different kind of coating like resin or liquid polyurethane (Minwax). Really if I had been able to I would have tried Worbla or Wonderflex instead, but sadly I did not have accesses to those materials and I was/am working on a budget. So craft foam is what I ended up using.

Over all it took me about 2 weeks so finish these due to the fact I could only work on them in short sessions every day, and painting all those layers and sanding is time consuming.

I hope this tutorial is helpful to some, and if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below and I'll get back to as soon as I can.
sheep2-0 Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2014
This Is awesome and I can't wait to try it! thank you so much! :hugs:
MagicianCelemis Featured By Owner May 18, 2013   Digital Artist
Thank you so much for going thru with this tutorial! :hug: You've done a great job explaining it! I can now see how I can make my boot cap with your methods! :D
Whenever I finish them, I'll be sure to show you pictures of it! :)
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